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The host couple can be contacted by email


Dorthe & Christian Poulsen who own Vinzacchia, are available to answer questions regarding Casa VP. You are welcome to write to us by email if you don´t get your question answered by reading the Rental Conditions, where most things are described.

If you have questions, such as airline tickets, car rental, or anything else in that regard - we recommend that you ask your questions to the appropriate authority, as we have no professional competencies in these areas. For inspiration, you will be able to readabout our own experiences of coming to Vinzacchia from Denmark, further down this page. We have also inserted links that may help you plan your holiday in Casa VP. In the house you will find a folder with various information that we have collected from the local area.


Fam. Poulsen

About us, Vinzacchia and Casa VP


We have, for at least 30 years been traveling around Italy every summer holiday - especially in the Tuscany region, where we have rented various homes and forms of housing. We searched for several  years to find our own - right place - which we knew should be located in the mountains of Montecatini Terme, the city and area that we have a penchant for. When we settled on Vinzacchia in 2016, we had found the place that not only fulfilled our dream of our own olive oil production, but also a place that needed a loving hand and update. Our mountainside and associated buildings, since we took over Vinzacchia have been under restoration with tenderness and respect for what we love about Italy and their homes.

Often you will find one or more members of the Poulsen family on Vinzacchia. The family consists of Dorthe and Christian, as well as their children Anna Wilhelmine and Kristoffer. Although we are there often, we do not think we are there enough, because we love to be at Vinzacchia - for us it´s truly an oasis we can´t get enough of.

With Casa VP, we have managed - we think - to create a state-of-the-art home where we have retained the original charming expression. We have done this by, among other things, only using local Italian professionals for our project. Casa VP is what we have always sought and appreciated when renting holiday homes. Therefore, you will find that cleaning and functionality are paramount and you will never arrive to a dishwasher that needs salt or rinse aid, knives that cannot cut, or kitchen utensils that are missing in order for you to prepare a meal. Just like you sleep in specially designed beds of high quality and with leaked clean bedding, where youcan always get a duvet - regardless of the season - if you ask for it when ordering. For us, the frequency of rental is not the essential thing, but that Casa VP is inhabited by people who value what we have created and therefore you will find that it´s always ourselves you have contact with when you want to rent Casa VP - there is no intermediary.

Once you have stayed in Casa VP we will be happy for feedback. You can easily give us feedback by writing an email to us.


How do we get to Vinzacchia from Denmark....


Going to Vinzacchia we sometimes drive and sometimes fly. When we travel by fly, it´s usually to Pisa or Bologna, but we have also flown to both Milan and Rome, to get to the house. It´s also easy to fly to Florence, but most of the time the flights there are not direct, when flying from Denmark.

We recommend you have or rent a car when you stay in Casa VP. When we rent a car, we rent through AutoEuropa or on the airlines website, so there is a car at the airport where we land. We have discovered it´s important to have the right credit card for car rental, as otherwise they may refuse to hand over the car, or the rent will be much more expensive. Read the conditions where you want to rent the car, or talk to your bank about whether your credit card meets the criteria.

If we already have a car in the house, then we take trains from the airport to Montecatini Centro. We usually take a Taxi from the airport where we land to the nearest train station. Tell the taxi driver that you´re going on the express train to Florence! Be aware that you are using the Taxis that have signs on the roof of the car. If you take a taxi without a sign, it can be a significantly more expensive trip. If necessary, talk to the driver about the price before going. We always buy our train ticket at the station - we pull them in the red stands, which can write different languages, including English. It´s easy to travel with their train and they run fast, so you usually arrive quickly at Montecatini Centro.


Useful links


Page with lots of information: https://www.visittuscany.com/en/attractions/  

Spa: The most grandiose health resort in Italy in Art Nouveau style https://www.termemontecatini.it/ 

Hot springs: https://www.visittuscany.com/en/attractions/montecatini-hot-springs/

Cave Maona: https://visittuscany.com/en/attractions/grotta-maona/ 

The world´s oldest cable car: https://visittuscany.com/en/attractions/montecatini-terme-funicular/

Museum Mo.C.a: http://www.mocamontecatini.it/

San Michele museum: https://www.visittuscany.com/en/attractions/san-michele-museum-massa-cozzile/

Massa and Cozzile: https://visittuscany.com/en/destinations/massa-cozzile/

Buggiano: https://www.visittuscany.com/en/attractions/sanctuary-santissimo-crocifisso-buggiano/


Forte dei Marmi: An exclusive seaside resort with beautiful branded shops and elegant atmosphere also in the evening, where the shops usually are open  





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